Activities in Thassos

Thassos is suitable for a major number of activities as it combines both mountain and sea. Apart from the usual activities such as water sports, swimming, snorkeling and diving, you can also do some of unique activities along with Piatsa Michalis stuff!

For all these alternative activities Piatsa Michalis gives you the opportunity to experience them either by yourself or by small groups of people who share the same interests with you, giving you the chance to meet new people from other places of earth!

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Thassos is famous for its fresh fish. All around the island there are wonderful places to fish. Piatsa Michalis organizes for you some fishing cruises. It has a fishing boat and the proper fishing equipment you will need and along with an experienced driver-fisherman of our stuff, you will go to the best fishing places of the area. When you return at Piatsa Michalis, the fish that you catch will be cooked for your dinner on the grill in combination with local home-made tsipouro of course!


Olive harvesting

Olive harvesting is one big part of Thasso’s habitant’s life. During the months November and December the majority of local people is occupying with their olive fields. If you visit Piatsa Michalis that period you can experience by yourself this amazing activity at our own fields, and watch the olive harvesting procedure from the first steps of the gathering until the last steps of the production of the famous extra virgin olive oil of Thassos. Piatsa Michalis produces every year its own olive oil which uses in all its recipes at the restaurant, giving unique taste in all of its food and salads!


Wine Tasting and Tsipouro Production

Wine tasting days are organized very often during the summer period and the visitor has the opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines from domestic producers.

The visitor, during September, which is the month where the grapes are gathered, can participate in the grape gathering procedure and to the production of tsipouro as well in November at a traditional local distillery.

he distillation process is a traditional procedure and it is surely one special experience for Piatsa Michali’s visitors that they can’t miss.


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