Piatsa Michalis Restaurant at Potos Thassos

Piatsa Michali’s restaurant is one of the first at Potos and it is a family business which transfers from generation to generation since 1960. It is located right next to the sea, offering its guests an amazing view. The traditional tastes of the Greek cuisine are made by the finest materials that we grow and in combination with the nice environment, the nice Greek music and the unique view of the Aegean sea and Athos Mountain, make our restaurant unforgettable in the hearts of our guests.

Food in Thassos

Enjoy traditional Greek recipes and taste fresh fish which local fishermen catch. Combine you food with local home-made tsipouro that we produce and other fine local wines.

Traditional recipes made from local materials we produce

In all of the recipes of Piatsa Michali’s restaurant we always use unique olive oil of our production and all the salads are made by the finest, most fresh local materials that we grow at our kitchen garden. We wait for you at our restaurant to offer you fresh fish and many other traditional Greek dishes.

Piatsa Michalis Café-Bar

Piatsa Michali’s Café-Bar is a special and unique place in Potos, as it gives you the chance to try different products made by local and domestic producers. Here you can enjoy your coffee or drink and try a large variety of Greek wines, tsipouro and liqueur all made by domestic producers. Do not miss to taste our special cocktails which have as basic ingredients tsipouro and local herbs!

Enjoy your coffee or drink inside a green environment, just next to the seaside, in the outdoor area of Piatsa Michali’s Café-Bar. We also offer fresh juices, refreshments and snacks. You can also find a large variety of helpful beverages made of local herbs.

The color mix of the Aegean blue with the beautiful colors of the sunset in combination with the relaxing quality music, unique for every part of the day, will surely be unforgettable!

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Contact us

Piatsa Michalis
Potos Thassos
P.C. 64002
Tel. +30 25930 52109
Fax. +30 25930 51574
Mob. +30 6945 543 363
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  • Air condition
  • Bathroom
  • Balcony
  • Kitchen
  • Wi-Fi internet


  • Restaurant
  • Cafe - Bar
  • Sunbeds - Umbrellas
  • In front of the beach
  • Close to center
  • Garden